What are your listing photos saying about you?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right?…. Right!

I’m sure you’ll agree that first impressions are important.  You get up early… brush your teeth… comb your hair… dress as nicely as you can… and put on a big smile.  You do this because you want to show people that you are responsible, sharp and professional…  You want to make a good impression.  Why is it that many Realtors don’t feel the same way when listing a home?

Photos are the first thing potential Buyers see when searching for a property.  What kind of first impression are Realtors making with cell phone images?  If you are a Realtor, what are your listing photos saying — about YOU?

Are you quickly taking photos just to get it listed?  Are they ill composed… boring… poorly lit… underexposed… unedited?  If so, you’re telling the Homeowner that you don’t care… you’re lazy… irresponsible… dull… and unprofessional. You are saying that you don’t have an eye for detail and don’t respect the properties you’re selling or the people you’re selling them to.  You’re not treating your profession like… a profession.  You’re treating it like a sideline business.

On the other hand, if your listing photos are shot from the correct angles… are light and bright… are taken with non-distorting wide angle lenses… color corrected… cropped and edited… it shows you are a professional, passionate agent who delivers quality service. You are showing that you care about your properties and your clients.

If you were a potential client looking to sell a home and wanted to hire a Realtor, which agent would you prefer to work with?  One that was lazy, hurried, and apathetic… or one that is savvy, caring and professional?  Discuss among yourselves…

Almost ALL Buyers start their home buying journey online. That means its critical to have great real estate photos.  Home buyers who search for homes online find photos to be among the most useful features when choosing a property to see.

The Real Estate market is a competitive place.  Professional Photography will help your home to “Stand Out From The Crowd.”  Today’s technologically savvy Buyers expect certain things when looking for a home and professional photos are one of those things.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of homes online.  Buyers don’t want to go see hundreds or thousands of homes.  They want to see maybe 6 or 8.  So, when browsing online, they’ll look for any excuse to cross a home off their list.  Most Buyers make a decision to see a home based on the listing photos.  Studies show you have less than 2 seconds to grab a buyers attention. Are you making the best use of those 2 seconds with cell phone photos?

And don’t let a Realtor tell you they have a “nice camera” and can do the same job a Professional Photographer can. Lenses are just as important (if not more important) than the camera.  I have lenses that cost twice as much as the camera.  You can’t take good Real Estate Photos with the kit lens that came with your camera.  And what about the editing process?  Most Realtors I know don’t have professional editing software or know the first thing about editing Real Estate photos.

Many of the most successful Realtors in Ocean and Monmouth Counties call me to photograph their listings.  Why is that?  It is because they know Real Estate.  They don’t know photography… and they don’t pretend to know it.  They are more interested in doing what is right for the Seller than saving the few bucks it costs for the photos.  They know that Professionally Photographed homes sell quicker and for more money than homes than are not.

My Real Estate Photography prices start at only $100.  At that price, why would a Realtor try to take photos that they know will be inferior?  Why would they even waste their time when they could be out showing a property or listing another home?

The bottom line is this:  If you are selling your home yourself, call me.  And if you are listing with a Realtor, only list your home with a Realtor who hires a Professional Photographer… and not just any photographer… make sure it is Tom Biondi Real Estate Photography.

*** Tom Biondi is a Professional Real Estate Photographer located in Toms River, NJ.  He services Ocean & Monmouth Counties and regularly speaks to Real Estate Professionals about the benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography.  http://tombiondi.com/re.html


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